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At Neatlivingsupport, we offer quality support services to help individuals and communities achieve their desired health goals. We are a local NDIS provider, empowering locals to achieve their goals. 

Our core NDIS services include Mental Health and Individual Support, while our capacity-building services include support for people with psychosocial disabilities due to mental health conditions.

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Our Services

  • Mental Health Support
  • Social and Community Participation
  • Wellness Support
  • In-Home Supports
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Assist -Life stage transition, Assistance with daily personal activities, Assistance with travel/transport arrangements, Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement, Innovative Community Participation, Development of daily living and life skills, Household Tasks, Participation in community, social and civic activities and Group and Centre Based Activities.

Who We Are

Neatlivingsupports aims to provide mental health and individual support services ages from 7-65. We provide Core and Capacity Building NDIS services and are based in Gladstone, providing services to the Gladstone community, including individuals with psychosocial disabilities due to mental health conditions.

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